Rough sky



Cello girl…


Red skies..


August Storm…

in Venice..

Venice 1 by Vincent Visuals

Venice by Vincent Visuals

Venice 2 by Vincent Visuals


the blue dress photoshoot…



happy flying people…

painting moby-dick

from the making of Anatomie des Weggehens

rusty thoughts

Wall-E in Istanbul..

Istanbul street performer

Stay for a coffee..

Next stop: Woodstock

Glasses: Check; Instrument: Check; Boots: Check; Sleepy Dog: Check

back..such a wonderful life…

Away..for something new

life should be like this dance..and just when you’re taking it too serious, play this song…

She looks at him.. as if he is better
than her favourite sweater..


And then?..

Play it, Sam.. Does he always leave so early?

Ilsa closing mirror

The plane to Lisbon..


From when they used to make movies..

A franc for your thoughts?..

Go ahead. You'd be doing me a favour..

When I said I'll never leave you..

Visual fornication…

I don’t own anything. I just edited stuff so you could enjoy this visual fornication…


great play, also known as “Coming Clean” by PETR ZELENKA

I spy..

My tribute to Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

I remixed parts of one of my favourite songs, Providence and put together the footage i shot.

Thin orange haze

All twisted metal stretching upwards. Everything washed in a thin orange haze. I said, “Kiss me, you’re beautiful – These are truly the last days”

Cinemagraph: Flo, world..World, meet Flo..

Flo, world.. World, meet Flo...

Flo, world.. World, meet Flo...

The Impossible Cool

He is cheating

He is cheating

And it’s his birthday..

And it's his birthday

6 glasses of votca..

6 glasses of votca

And I’m comming..

And I'm coming

Do you hear me? I’m coming..

Do you hear me? I'm coming..

You and your whores..

You and your whores

Are gonna’ pay..

Are gonna' pay

Merry birthday you filthy animal..

And it’s done.

And it's done...

Faces of ruin..2

Faces of ruin..

Moara lui Assan.. make sure to visit if ever in Bucharest. It’s the most beautiful industrial ruin in Bucharest and these are it’s characters 157 years after it was built…

So meet the Lady of the Bricks,

.. Robo Ruin,

.. the H.A.K (*Heroin Addict Kat) living in the wall,

..the Rainbow Poo of the H.A.K,

.. the Eyes in the Ceiling,

..and the Ghosts of Milli Vanilli Fans.

make changes, not smoke


nineteen seventy nine

Merry Christmas

Where are you going..

Arnost Goldflam’s “The Green Room”

.. directed by Alex Mazgareanu

German military cemetery

Rahova Maximum Security Prison

Drivethru sky


Then I look in my wallet.. and it’s full of blood…

Fly pigeon! Fly!..

Still waking up

Now, that’s a memory…

Lightning no 12

That fine morning…

Feels like coffee spirit

6th november

the best way to describe how i felt that night.. one of those “more than a thousand…” images taken in Bucharest’s subway…




Like antennas to the sky…

Dead Flag Blues Sunset

The skyline was beautiful on fire
All twisted metal stretching upwards
Everything washed in a thin orange haze

I said, “Kiss me, you’re beautiful..
These are truly the last days”

Yellow strikes

Flores, world.. World, meet Flores…

Last picnic…

Making of Je Tu E Un Ami

This is how you can kill a friend..using hitmen..who’ll hunt him down..and shoot him..and burn him alive in the middle of a deserted highway. Have fun.. I know I had.


Deserted club…

Feels like flying cinemagraphs

I’d like to see some opinions about these cinemagraphs because it took me a while before I found something that would be ok as an action underneath the planes.

By now all I came up with was lighting a cigarette. And the effect is amazing. And I’m being modest. 🙂


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